What is Tiny Town?

Tiny Town Texas is a type of miniature utopia where dreams are big and houses are small. Inside this tiny house wellness village, brave pioneers are showing Texans that bigger is not always better. Since 1990, housing sizes have doubled and prices have quadrupled, leading to the nation’s “affordable housing crisis”. According to CNN Business, more than half of Americans would like to downsize and live in 600 square feet or less.  The growth of this movement is stunted by the banking industry and zoning and planning laws inside cities. 68% of tiny house owners today have no mortgage, which is great, but those who need financing find it very challenging. There’s a big movement to #legalizetiny across the nation, but until then, the best solutions are tiny house communities.  

Imagine a place where you belong, a tiny house wellness village, where WELLNESS for your family, your finances, your relationships, your spiritual wholeness is the utmost priority.  Helping each other reach our goals in this LIVE ~ Work ~ Play community will be so rewarding and full of joy.  Tiny Town Texas has tiny enterprises focused on wellness products and services owned and operated by our own tiny house dwellers.

What makes Tiny Town Texas unique?  The internal focus on wellness and holistic wholeness is threaded throughout the very fibers of this village, including amenities and tiny enterprises. Many of the top diseases killing people today are proven to be preventable, including diabetes and some forms of cancer and heart disease. Cancer is expected to affect 1 out of 2 people by 2024. 


What if wellness was affordable, attainable and sustainable? Imagine a lifestyle of wellness, freedom and simplicity with a tribe of likeminded people. Lastly, the tiny enterprises (owned and operated by community dwellers) offer wellness goods and services, including organic gardens and farmer’s markets. All of this creates an ideal live-work-play environment and creates a self-sustained economy.


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