Hi! I’m Shari.

I am an advocate for wellness, people, and community building. As a wellness lifestyle coach of 17 years, my focus is on total wellness for body, soul, and spirit. That includes physical, environmental, financial, and personal goals.  As the Chief Hope Giver of Tiny Town Texas, my mission is helping people trade ordinary space for an extraordinary lifestyle.

We are Tiny House Dwellers, Designers, and Builders. After downsizing from the large 4 bedrooms, a 2 car garage, and in-ground pool home, to live in the 390 square feet we built on HGTV, we are now educating the world on this high-quality, low-impact lifestyle.  As pioneers of this movement of minimalism and tiny house living, our motto is: “Shrink your house, not your dreams”.

What’s NEXT for the Snyder Family?  

Our vision is to be a part of a community of likeminded people working towards a common goal of creating and sustaining meaningful relationships as part of a holistic lifestyle. Follow our journey as we design and develop beautiful inspiring communities for families to thrive in for years to come. We call it Tiny Town Texas, more than a place to be ~ a place to belong.

Shari’s online course, The Magic of Minimalism: Shari’s Downsize NOW method, empowers people to make space for more JOY, productivity, and quality of life. (you can request to join the private facebook group here.

Shari says, “I’m a self-proclaimed avacado-holic, cherished wife of Todd Snyder for 23 years. If I can dream it, he can build it! We make a fantastic team! We are blessed with three amazing kiddos: Elisabeth, 22, lives in Round Rock, Tx, with her newly wed husband. She’s getting her nursing degree. Christianna, 21, owns a marketing and design company in Michigan. At 14, when Andrew’s not in school, he’s building tiny houses with his dad. Learn more about tiny house wellness villages.

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My life mission is to dare people to believe the impossible is NOTHING with God! I’ve got some Big dreams I’ve been working on for twelve years.

MY TOP 5 VALUES: Leaving a legacy of Faith; Lots of Intimacy with my husband; Speaking life into my kids; Spiritual and physical health; Friendships. My Life Song:

  • Life motto  He is my God; I trust Him
  • Favorite dreams quote “Your dreams should be so vivid that when you actually achieve them, you’ll feel as if you’ve already lived them.”
  • Favorite note “I can win with any hand I’m dealt” -God 
  • Favorite songs I know my Redeemer Lives and Legacy
  • Life verse “To know Him and the power of His resurrection and to share in His sufferings, being made like Him” Phil. 3:14


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